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Upload Batch File to FTP or Via FTP to Gateway?



I am developing an application using SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio Which runs everyday to process Batch file transactions. My application collects the list of customers with their Payment method ( CC or ECheck) and creates a Batch file in the format supported by Authorize.NET. I am using Advance Integration Method API in C# Programming language.


Question is :

1 .Will I be able tp upload the Batch file (CSV format) to the Authorize.NET gateway via FTP or SFTP?

2. If possible to upload Batch file to FTP, Will the transaction result can be downloaded from FTP?


FTP upload helps to upload my Batch file authomatically through SQL Job without doing the manual upload from the Authorize.NET

Please let us know whether FTP upload option is available in Payment gateway.



The only batch upload is thru the merchant account website. "Upload Transaction File "


Ok.. Thanks for your reply...

Hello nsupport,


Reynor is correct that the only method for batch uploading transactions is through the merchant interface.  However, we do have many clients who simply cycle through the transactions using our APIs.