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Urgent !!! Suddenly Hosted Payment form behaving weird

Urgent !!! Suddenly Hosted Payment form behaving weird

Hi Team,

We are using hosted payment form since long ago and it was working fine in both sandbox and production .


Today in sandbox account we observed hosted payment form suddenly started showing order summary at the top of the form and phone number as a mandatory field.
We never seen these before or we have not touched or made any changes in implementation.

Also, in IE hosted payment form stop working. When user click on complete checkout button its got stuck on that hosted payment form only.

We have never seen this before with sandbox.

I am wondering why we are getting these things at this movement.


Have you released any changes in sandbox configuration/hosted form ?

Please let us know as this is blocker for our Testing and UAT.
As of today production is working fine but still can you please make sure that there is not changes released for production.



Hello ElaineM, so the screen shot I pasted was an example of where the error msg used to show up when a card was invalid (instead of showing the declined error you would see "Invalid Card Number").  Now when a card is invalid (such as 4222222222222222) the only thing that happens is the line under the card number turns red and the add card button is disabled.  Before you could put in an invalid card number then click the add card button, next you would see the Invalid Card Number error (where you see declined error) and the line underneath would be red as well.  Are you changing this behavior intentionally?  I also noticed some of the elements have changed but I can update my automation to handle that.  Please let me know and thanks!

Thanks for the clarification ReadyQA. 


Yes, we are changing this with intent as a method of allowing the user to correct anything we are able to identify which needs correction before the call is made, rather than requiring generation of a new token to submit another request with corrected data. 


Please continue to review the changes we have implemented in our Sandbox environment at your availability as we look forward to your feedback. 




Hello ElaineM, another change I noticed is that you allow a user to enter an invalid expiration date now such as 0511 where before you would automatically remove the last 1 as the year 11 wasn't valid.  Now it is allowed, the button is still not enabled and it will be red highlighted but that also happened before.  

Hi @ReadyQA


Yes this is  new change based on our UI Usability testing on the forms . 



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