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Users are kicked out of the lms platform after they purchase a course via

This is what happens: When a user in our client's platform purchases a course and uses as a payment method, they get kicked out of the platform, and when they log in, the platform shows them that they have purchased the course successfully.


This is what we discovered:

We are sending the proper relay url, and authorize keeps returning the to the default one set on their side. That is why it appears that the user is not logged in, because the user is redirected to the original domain instead (the client uses a custom domain) of the custom one and he is not logged in the original one . This is a known issue I have tested by changing the Default Relay Response URL to the desired one and it works, but it will only redirect to it, and not to the one we send.


Are using the SDKs? which language? how are you sending the URL?

ithe the relay url you sending in the "Response/Receipt URLs" list?


We are using YII framework and the programming language is PHP. I should have some more updates for you soon.



Thank you for the quick reply .
To answer your questions .
1.No we are not using SDK.
2.The language is PHP .
3.We are sending the URL with a form submitted to Authorize . These are the values we send -
4.Yes the URL is in the Response/Receipt URLs list . But it is not set as default.

What form field name are you using for the relay response url? sound like it didn't watch what is looking for.

We are  using the x_Relay_URL name for the  relay response url  - Please see the screenshot.

Oop. didn't see the screenshot on your earlier post

Did it ever work before? I did see you are passing receipt link info even those you are not using it.

Yes, it worked prior to's update.  When that update occurred, our LMS (Docebo) instructed us to add an additional response URL.  It has not worked since.

@RaynorC1emen7 wrote:

Might be is the same issue.

Client has tested and this did not resolve the issue.


~Docebo L&S