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Validate Only Option in WooCommerce

I run a WooCommerce store.  I sell products that I do not want to charge the customer for until they ship.  I also do not want to use the Authorize function because I do NOT want a hold placed on their card.  


I want to use the Validate feature where their card is charged 0.01 and then refunded.  Once the prodcut ships I can change the customer in my dashboard with my CIM.


The issue I am having is I can not find a plugin for WooCommerce that has the "Validate" function.  They all have Authorize and Authorize & Capture.  


Does anyone know of a plugin that can accomadate this?  Is there another way that I can go about getting the customers credit card information passed over to my CIM?




Hello @SurfYourName


Have you checked out WooCommerce's Pre-Order module?   It allows you to take pre-orders and charge up front or on delivery.





Administrator Administrator

The pre-order plugin does not validate the card and charge the 0.01 and do the refund.  I need the validate function.



When a customer profile is created, our API allows developers to specify if the card information should be validated using a zero auth with the processor.  I would suggest speaking with the folks at WooCommerce about how you can set validationMode to LiveMode when creating customer profiles.