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ACH or bank account Recurring Subscription & validate the same

Actually, I am going to integrate in my PHP web application. There are two ways to implement the same 
I am using Sandbox developer account:
1) Via Accept JS hosted forms / Include js with custom forms
2) Via PHP SDK library
I had tried with the first one and there is some problem that I am facing is given below : 
a)  Accept JS only working with Credit card information in pop up. And after submitting it saying "User authentication Error or Root element is missing". 
b) With PHP SDK payment is working fine and deduct the credit card. Also, recurring subscription might be successful with this one. But ACH fields are not validated.
My requirement is to give an option to my users so that they can subscribe monthly/yearly via ACH or bank account. But the problem is that Accept JS / not provided any way with bank information that has real-time validations (like in case of cards). The same problem is with SDK and my customs forms. How can I validate routing number, account number via your API? 
Also, users can input any random numbers in the fields related to routing and account. Once they submit the form I have created a subscription successfully in the sandbox account and strange how it's created with wrong account/routing number OR might be these number not exist in a bank. So problem is that how to validate these.
Otherwise, what is the time-frame user would have to wait to get subscribed successfully. Because I hope should take some time to approve/disapprove correct routing/account number but how ???
Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Hello @rajnishkumar123 


Unlike payment card transactions, ACH transactions do not offer realtime validation only batch processing.  When you submit an ACH transaction, the gateway will validate the routing code and return an error if invalid.





Administrator Administrator

@RichardH : Thanks! Is there any way to catch that error at developer end OR mean to say any webhook callback provided in that case if yes then please let me know so that I can use. Also, exactly how much time it will take to process a batch so that i can ask my users to wait for that time if they input the wrong account/routing number?