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Virtuemart cart returning as cancelled when using SIM plugin

So, here's a question that I'm struggling with:


I have an test account setup and a Virtuemart cart configured for "live" mode to that account.  In AIM mode (native to Virtuemart), everything works as would expect.  In SIM mode (using a plugin to Virtuemart), the correct information doesn't come back to my cart - but at least something does.  All my transactions in SIM mode get marcked as "cancelled" rather than "confirmed".  The default if there were no response would be "pending", so I know something is coming back to the cart.  Also, interestingly, on the receipt page (delivered by my site) it says that the transaction was approved, yet the cart shows as cancelled.  Finally, the URL at the top still indicates that I'm still on the site, but it's showing my site in the actuall body of the window.


Is this what should happen because the test account (and test visa) aren't actually processed?  Or is it really supposed to send back an approved status?


Have you try Virtuemart for support?


I have not tried to contact Virtuemart because processing things in SIM mode is only supported in the core of the cart.  It is via a SIM mode plugin.  I have contacted the maker of the plugin and they have suggested a number of things, but have indicated that I needed to ask which way this should be coming back to the cart.


I'm just trying to find out if this is normal or not.  If it's not normal, then I can deal with that.  If it is normal, I can deal with that as well.  I don't have a REAL account to test this with to see if it would actually be working or not.  I can't seem to find reliable information since the word "test" means a lot of things at several levels in the process: a developer TEST account using a TEST Visa card running in "not test" mode on the cart; a TEST account running in TEST mode in the cart; a TEST account with a REAL Visa card (also no processed); etc...


Can you answer the question as to what the expected result should be?  In a developer TEST account running in cart REAL mode, should I get an APPROVED status for a TEST Visa card or not?

Yes, a test account in live mode, with a test CC# will give you a approved status. You can also check that on the test merchant account site.