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Webhook automatically disabled every few months but connection works

We currently have a support ticket to engineers, however, wanted to post this for anyone who has this problem.


First, if you don't get email notifications about your webhook being disabled, you have to call and have them manually add your e-mail in the back end. You cannot do it yourself and it's unrelated to your AN login profile.


Our webhook will work for weeks/months and then randomly stop. They claim a 403 error. The last time I decided to video capture how I was able to test the webhook and was told that AN couldn't connect, but then I edited the connection, saved and it magically started working again. It will work for a few weeks/months and then I have to repeat the process. This same thing has happened 3-4 times since last November. This particular time, the webhook has worked 9 days already without an issue.


The issue is, there isn't any connection problem with our server, especially for the length of time they claim it takes to auto-disable. Hoping the engineers figure it out and my post is helpful to anyone also with the same problem.



Do you have any CSRF or blocked IP logic in your source code? For example, a server side token that is part of POST requests from one page of your app to a another? It sounds like you have some sort of IP filter or other check against post requests.

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If this were the case, it wouldn't work for months, as well as right now, and also as you can see in the video, it starts working immediately after we edit it with no changes on our end despite the test connecting stating it fails.

@actormike, in the video it looked like you have it on inactive and then active. You can’t test it in active mode.
We didn't have it on inactive, AN inactivated it, however as you see in the video, the connection worked fine. There's nothing on our end blocking anything and the connection will work for weeks pr months and randomly be inactivated..i edit the connection, save and it magically works again for another few weeks/ months.

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