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Webhook for expired or just expiring?

The documentation on recurring billing indicates that there is a status of Expired:


Expired	The schedule of payments has ended.

The webhook notifications have an event for expiring:


net.authorize.customer.subscription.expiring	Notifies you when a subscription has only one recurrence left to be charged.


Why is there no webhook for expired?


We implemented webhooks for our recurring billing platform thinking that we would be able to manage recording payments, declines, and completed subscriptions. It looks like we can only actually do declines via webohok, because there is nothing at all distinct about a subscription payment webhook - it's just a transactionAuthCapture notification that looks like any other transactionAuthCapture notification unless you ping the API back and ask for transaction details.


If we've got to ping it back to know the slightest thing about the transaction, what is the point of the webhook? If recurring payments are 2% of our transactions, do we really want to be asking for transactionDetails on 98% of our transactions where we don't need them? 


You are correct, there is no webhook for expired. It was a miss when the system was built. 

Administrator Administrator

While we've built around it this time, perhaps they should add it...?