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When authorization of a payment expires, will it charge Transaction fee ?

I am working in Authorize.Net to authorize a payment and capture it a week later. For this :

             Authorization + Capture = Transction fee ($0.10)


If I authorize the payment and cancel it,

            Authorization + Void = Transction fee ($0.10)


What will happen if I authorize a payment and let it expire after 30 days ? Will it charges the transaction fee?


Thanks in advance.






Oh , Thank you very much for your answer ...


One more doubt. When I authorize a payment, will it freeze the amount in the client's credit card ? or it just check whether sufficent amount in available and approve it ? 

authorize would hold the amount on the CC or debit card.

Is there a way to check whether sufficient amount is available in a CC of a customer without holding it ?

No. You could ran a void after the authorize. But it depend on the issuing bank when the fund would be release.


Why would you need to know if the have sufficient fund but not charging them?

Just to avoid Transaction fee ^_^


Thanks a lot for your useful information ..