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Which API method to select Simple, SIM, DPM?

Hello Everyone,


We are developing SAAS product, which has 3 payment plans. Our requrements are as follows:

1. Automatic monthly recurring billing

2. The system has to be notified as of the status of the payment and take the actions based on that information. To continue the subscribtion or to discontinue one.

3. We don't want to store any sensitive financial data of the customer

4. The customer has to be redirected to so Thank You page and email has to be generated and sent to him and to us.


We are creating MVC product, so the simpliest posible integration will be preferred, in the future we will want to have more customized check out pages and etc. Our programmers saying that Simple Check out should work fine. But I am not sure. Please, help me to understand which API to choose. Thank You



1)ARB or CIM

2)Silent Post or CIM

3)ARB or CIM

4)Any API


You can't create recurring billing from a Simple Checkout thru any API, but you could to that by going to the merhcant account and search for a settled transaction and create a recurring billing from that transaction


Read this about ARB vs CIM