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Why ApplePay payment profiles only valid for recurring billing?

I really want to challenge the decision that disallows payment profiles to only be used for recurring billing. Currently I can create a tokenized CIM payment profile using an opaqueToken - but that profile can only be used for recurring billing.


Apple's support page for subscriptions says the following:


Your app or website can use Apple Pay to request authorization for a recurring fee. This may be a fixed amount such as a monthly movie ticket subscription, or a variable amount such as a weekly produce order. The initial authorization can also include discounts and additional fees.


It specifically says 'variable amount' is allowed. So how do I do that with recurring billing?


Recurring billing - for many scenarious is a HUGE PAIN with many limitations. 


  • It cannot be charged immediately on demand. The payments are charged at 2pm - therefore I have to set up a whole new system to manage this. Also it means if a customer says 'SHIP NOW' to get an early shipment then I can't do that easily.

  • I already have a system that tracks peoples subscriptions, so they can stop and start whenever they want. I just want to use this same system for tokenized payments. I don't want to have to synchronize with the subscription system with all kinds of possible nuances.

I realize that a decision was made to only allow recurring billing - because that seemed to fit in better with what Apple's terms seem to say. But I disagree that Apple's terms require this and I really don't see why I can't just create a CIM profile and charge it.


The alternative is to just retain the opaqueToken which can be rebilled - probably only for up to two years when the certificate expires. But it can be reused - despite what I've read in some places.


Will this always be the case - or will it be like the expiration date being with a payment profile - which after years you guys eventually allowed us to see :-)


I really love ApplePay - it's not been as popular as I expected and I want to push it but it's not easy to with this in mind.


Hi @simeyla


By recurring billing  we meant either a external subscription service or Authorize.Net  recurring billing . 


If you are already using a external subscription service , you can use the profiles added from apple pay and call our transaction APIs . 


Do note when calling our createTransaction APIs with a external subscription service , you need to pass the recurringBilling field as true  in the request .



Recurring payment indicator.

Use only if your software generated the recurring payments. Your Merchant Service Provider may require you to submit recurringBilling for software-generated recurring payments.

Setting recurringBilling to TRUE does not create subscriptions in your account's recurring billing setup. See the Recurring Billingsection of the API Reference for details on how to create a subscription for recurring payments.

Boolean (true OR false, 1 OR 0).



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Merchant having problems with submitting voids and refunds (including partial) for Apple Pay. Can someone assist with this?

I don't think the original question was answered here. 

How can we use set up a recurring subscription for variable amounts using Apple Pay? Apple Pay does support this feature as per the link originally posted.

It looks like this thread states that 'recurring billing' is supported:

The fallback with recurring billing is obviously how the amount cannot be changed/updated. 

How are we as merchants able to integrate this into today? Is it possible? Do we just create a Customer Profile using Apple Pay? I don't think we would be able to use the 'Charge Customer Profile' with Apple Pay on a recurring basis as the token may be one-time use? 


Hello? does anyone work at this company?

I had some really bizarre things that just didn't make sense with Authorize.NET's implementation of it. We moved to Braintree over a year ago. Got sick of customers complaining they couldn't use ApplePay on Authorize.NET. No issues with ApplePay going through with Braintree. 


I also had customers that had issues with try on our new Braintree website (while we were in testing phase) and they all worked.


So there are definitely (or at least were) issues.