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apply credit card transactions that have been imported from JPMC

Hi, I am a newbie and I have to import credit card transactions from JPMC and apply in iExpense(by Oracle for travel expense).I need to know can I do this using Thanks



Based on your question, It's not really clear what you are trying to accomplish.  If you add more detail, we may be able to help.



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I have to import credit card transactions from JPMC(JP Morgan Chase Bank) and add it to expense report created by iExpense(Tool provided by Oracle)in an android mobile app.I need to know which api's can I use for importing credit card transactions from JPMC .


Do you mean you need to EXPORT transactions that is already in

If that what you need, you can use Transaction Detail API


Or you have to give us some example of what you are try to do, cause it still wasn't clear what you are trying to do.

Not in importing it from JPMC.Can I do it using: Transaction API

if not is there any other way to do it

I have one more doubt I am trying to run this sample app for first time by providing my  account details:

but it is showing only loading dialog 


You mean the credit card transaction is processed in JPMC? no, you can't "copied" transactions.