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Did you mean: response_url https/http issue consumes my response_url, which is on HTTP, into their HTTPS hosted dll. How can I specify that their dll should be on HTTP, so that my CSS and JS files get pulled in correctly?


I don't have a way of getting access to an SSL host at the moment.


Edit: First, we send from HTTP to their HTTPS hosted form. On *their* server. Then, their server consumes our HTTP page and dispalys it in their HTTPS response dll.


I only want their response_dll to be on HTTP. I don't see a security issue with that, and imagine there is a way to do this, as their service offering is meant for people without SSL enabled.


Edit2: I'm using their Simple Checkout API.


you can't change what is doing, but you could on your relay response page. On the page you can do a javascript redirect to back to your site.