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better way to perform an equivalent of UNION in SQL in PDI?

hello I am trying to see the best way to perform a UNION in PDI. I have 3 table input steps with 3 different queries that gives me two columns in the results like the Date and Tickets. I would like to combine the results from the 2 or more streams and add the values.

I am currently using the Dummy step and then using the Group by step to add the values. I am not sure if there is a better way to do this instead of using the Dummy step and wondering if I can get any inputs on the same.

I also tried using the Multiway Merge Join and doing a FULL OUTER JOIN but this is giving me the following results: Date_1, Tickets_1, Date_2, Tickets_2, Date_3, Tickets_3 so not sure if I am doing it right.thx