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card number necessary for previously auth_only transactions in virtual terminal?

So i'm working with the SIM API and i have the transaction set to auth_only. My question is: once the auth_only transaction gets into the virtual terminal, can i go into the virtual terminal and capture part, or all, of that transaction without the card number and exp date? I'm looking at the virtual terminal for capturing and the card number and exp date are both asteric'ed. 


Whats the point of auth_only SIM if you need the card number and exp date to complete the transaction?


The card number is never required for completing a prior authorization either programmatically or through the online interface.  Within the online interface, you only need to click on the pending Authorization in the "Unsettled Transactions" section and there will be a button to capture it at the top of the page.  Capturing the transaction programmatically requires you only to submit the transaction ID and the amount that you would like to capture.


Authorizations can only be captured once, so if you are trying to capture it as multiple transactions you will need the full card number to perform multiple authorizations.

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