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Aside from inside the .php class files themselves, is there documentation somewhere that provides a list of what methods are available for each object?  (For CIM in particular.)  If it's just in the .class file, is there an easy way to generate the doc?


I compiled this from the CIM class file.


class AuthorizeNetCIM
    public function setRefId
    public function createCustomerProfile
    public function createCustomerPaymentProfile
    public function createCustomerShippingAddress
    public function createCustomerProfileTransaction
    public function deleteCustomerProfile
    public function deleteCustomerPaymentProfile
    public function deleteCustomerShippingAddress
    public function getCustomerProfileIds
    public function getCustomerProfile
    public function getCustomerPaymentProfile
    public function getCustomerShippingAddress
    public function updateCustomerProfile
    public function updateCustomerPaymentProfile
    public function updateCustomerShippingAddress
    public function updateSplitTenderGroup
    public function validateCustomerPaymentProfile

class AuthorizeNetCIM_Response
    public function getTransactionResponse
    public function getValidationResponses
    public function getValidationResponse
    public function getCustomerProfileIds
    public function getCustomerPaymentProfileIds
    public function getCustomerShippingAddressIds
    public function getCustomerAddressId
    public function getCustomerProfileId
    public function getPaymentProfileId



Ah, good.  Thanks.   So, ok, that gives me the available functions for the CIM api.  


But now, according to this post from John Conde, the current recommendation is to use the all-in-one AuthnetXML.class.php.  So I switched to that.  When I did, I was no longer able to use the CIM methods I could before.  It took a while to notice the difference between my code and the authnetXML sample code for 'getCustomerProfileRequest' :


- I needed to add the word "Request" to the method name

- The input is an array, not a single value


Unfortunately, the authnetXML class file doesn't list the input types so ...


...Is there some way to get the full documentation for using authnetXML?   (Or does that set of sample php files cover every available method?)


Thanks again.


oh, and the third difference, when using authnetXML, I needed to change from

response = xml->getCustomerProfile(id)


to just




(just in case someone else finds this useful)

If you're using the PHP SDK, there's only a single file in the main folder (AuthorizeNet.php), it should be fairly obvious that's the one you're meant to use. Or at least, that's what I always use.


John Conde has his own implementation class, I believe, so his recommendations may vary.

Yes, I've switched to using only the AuthnetXML file, and that file is really just a wrapper for all possible calls to the various apis.  Which means that it doesn't list the available functions.  Which means that, effectively, the example files are also the documentation -- which is ok, as long as they're complete.


So, I guess my question is: do the example files provide all the doc, or is there another source somewhere?  As I said, it's fine if it's just the examples.  I just want to know so I don't keep looking for something that isn't there.   Thanks!

The doc files, "quick" implementation code, and the official pdf documentation are all that I know about, though you can probably find code snippets here and there by searching this forum.