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expiration dates & CIM advanced search

From other threads here and my sandbox experiments, it seems that there is no way to get the expiration date for a credit card out of a record entered via the hosted form. This is a significant deficiency in CIM, since we can't notify our customers whose cards are about to expire.


It appeas that in the web interface, the "Advanced Search" feature from the CIM page should allow search by expiration date. This would be a partial work-around, at least we could have someone do a search each month -- still a PITA and not a substitute for the CIM API being fixed, but at least a partial work-around. However, in my sandbox experiments, this feature does not seem to work.


Is this just a sandbox bug, or does searching CIM records by expiration date really not work?


Anyone using the hosted form care to comment on how you're handling card expiration?


Hello @TomSwiss 


As you have discovered, the Customer Information Manager "Advanced Search" feature does not function in the Sandbox and there is no way to test this as you describe.  It will work in your live production account.


I've forwarded this to our production team for consideration in a future release.


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