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hosted payment form "Unexpected error"

I am developing a webpage that uses the hosted payment form to process the credit cards. The payment form loads fine, but when I fill in the form and hit the "Pay" button, the message "Unexpected error. Please try again."


If I hit "Pay" again it will come back with the message "Finger Print value is not valid."


What is the issue here and how can it be resolved?


thank you.


@Appliquertech @bertq


We've identified the issue and they are working on a solution.





Is there an estimated time of delivery of a working solution?



@bertq I don't yet have details when the solution will be complete, but there are a lot of people working on the solution.



Hi Richard,


How close are we to getting a working solution?





Hello @bertq


Let me check with product development and see what I can find out.  Last information I have is a solution was found and tested, but not yet deployed to production.



Hello @aschuck @bertq @Appliquertech


This issue should now be resolved.  Please let us know if you no longer see this issue.





So far it looks like it's working.


Thank you.



We have had this issue intermitently on production environment not in test mode. Most the time we don't have it, but a couple times the token will get returned, the form will be displayed. Our team will then fill it out and submit it and get back this error.

Does this error only happen when the credentials are off? I want to make sure it isn't something we are doing wrong, but I can't find any details about the error.

Hi @MusicMonkey5555,


There could be a few causes of this error. The most common is using a token more than once. Once a payment has been submitted, future uses of the token would bring up this error.


To get more specific than that, we'd probably need a lot more details about what exactly is happening when the error appears, ideally with something reproducible.


I am getting the same issue when I perform the following steps:



1. Use sandbox account credentials as well as sandbox url endpoint

2. Request a token and get a hosted payment page

3. Try to process a transaction which will return error code (e.g. 46282 as Zip Code)

4. Correct the transaction (change zip code)'

5. Finger Print value is invalid


Might there be something that I am missing? Should we request a new token whenever the transaction has failed?