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hosted payment form "Unexpected error"

I am developing a webpage that uses the hosted payment form to process the credit cards. The payment form loads fine, but when I fill in the form and hit the "Pay" button, the message "Unexpected error. Please try again."


If I hit "Pay" again it will come back with the message "Finger Print value is not valid."


What is the issue here and how can it be resolved?


thank you.


Hi @Anurag,


Is there any soution or work around on this ?


We are facing the same issue when correcting transaction on same hosted payment form.

It seems the issue sits in the system since long back and it is really a pain from the UX point of view.


Now, this issue is at the top of the table for discussion for all our customers.


Can you please give us some work around or permenent fix for this ?



Ravi Parmar

Hi @raviparmarce88


The fix for this issue is in progress .


As a workaround if you just create one time the signature key from your Merchant Interface , that should avoid this issue . 


You dont need to use or generate the signature key again . 



To generate your Signature Key:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
  4. Click API Credentials & Keys.
  5. Enter your Secret Answer.
  6. Select New Signature Key.
    • To disable the old Signature Key, click the check box labeled Disable Old Signature Key Immediately.
    • If the Disable Old Signature Key check box is not selected, the old Signature Key will automatically expire in 24 hours.
  7. Click Submit to continue. Your new Signature Key is displayed.


Hope it helps !!!


Send feedback at



I am wondering if there has been an update on this.  We are currently using the Accept Hosted form and get this FingerPrint error.


We updated our Signature Key which does remedy the finger print error, but that is replaced with a duplicate transaction error.  The message is a little clearer but still not a workable solution.  I am wondering what the signature key refresh is doing, that makes this Finger Print error go away.  It seems a little strange to me.  For example,


  • I just opened a brand new sanbox account
  • reproduced the finger print error
  • refreshed my Signature key
  • Finger print error is gone
  • Replaced with a Duplicate Transaction error

It seems like a brand new account would have a brand new signature key that would not have this problem.


The real issue here is that there are no javascript events for either a failed transaciton, the finger print error or a duplicate transaction.  If we could subscribe to every user input event and response from the api that would be very helpful.




Thank you for the work around solution.

It seems working fine.



But now I am not understanding how it is working? 

How signature key is relates to hosted payment form since we are not using signature key anywhere in our code for hostedpayment form integration?

What is logic and mechanism behind this ?


Before implement this workaround on our production we need to understand this.


Please help me to understand this 

I have the same issue kindly help on it. 


We are experiencing the same issues. We are leveraging the .net SDK  v 2.0.1

Dim transactionRequest As New transactionRequestType() With {
.amount = AuditRecord.Amount,
.transactionType = transactionTypeEnum.authCaptureTransaction.ToString,
.poNumber = AuditRecord.Id,
.order = New orderType() With {.invoiceNumber = Left(AuditRecord.InvoiceNumbers, 20)}}

Our last successful process was 2021-01-22 20:53:46.120, but as of today it is not.