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iOS App, do I need to register all devices?

I have a client that uses for ordering on their website.  I am developing an app for them that will allow their users to make outfits on their mobile device and then order the clothes right from the app.  In all the research I have done it looks like you need to register all mobile devices to use  This would never be able to happen since they have users all over the world.  Is there a way to work around this?  I read a question that said I would need to register all devices, but my client already has an account.  I was hoping there was a way around this.  Does anyone have any advice? Thanks for looking and taking the time.  I just hope I can integrate into the app.  


From your description, you are trying to enable your application to support in-application purchases.   Unfortunately, this is not possible using our API.  Instead, you might consider building a mobile website for mp3 downloading like and framing that within your application to complete the purchase.

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You must have to register on all the devies when you have to use ios. for further details, visit here

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Hi Douglas1970,

From your depiction, you are attempting to empower your application to help in-application buys. Tragically, this is preposterous utilizing our API. All things being equal, you should seriously think about building a versatile site and outlining that inside your application to finish the buy.



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I think nope, you just have to register for once like I did for Master of PC