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iPhone AIM integration

Hi All,


I am developing an iPhone application with AIM integration. In that user purchases a service and the payment would be done through AIM.

To make transaction through, first user need to register device, enable it from merchant account for sandbox mode.


So, I want to know that do the user need to register their device before making any transaction for live mode? If yes, then how would the user goes to login) and enable the device to do transaction where he/she doesn't know about any login credentials?


Could you please explain, how this exactly works for live mode.







Yes I got it that to make any transaction from device, it must be register to merchant account. so I will do it through the web interface.


Thank you so much for providing this url.




Hi ,


I am also using same method in my IOS Application now i would request to know the process about how to perform the test tranactions from IOS App over gateway?


Is it possible to do the transactions from IOS App into Payment Gateway without device regestration into Payment Gateway?


Can you tell me?



Nagabhushan V.





Device registration and approval in the merchant interface is a security feature, and it is not possible to process payments until completed.  This is true for both testing in the sandbox or in the live production gateway.






Thanks for your reply.


i have seen your link video Okay. But now i am using Live Merchant Account now i am trying to peroform the test transactions without device registeration in Merchant Account interface.


As per your info every new device need to register in Merchant account Interfacr and should get approval or enable by the merchant then he can able to perform transactions from IOS App right? 


Otherwise payment transactions will not be happen from Mobile devices right?



Nagabhushana Rao.

Yes @phoenix1919, you are correct.


In a typical implementation, the first step your application should do is prompt the user to login to the mobile application using their Login ID and Password.  The response from the gateway may indicate that the devices is not registered, or the device is registered but not approved.  If not registered, you should submit a registration request.  If not approved, remind the user to activate the device in the Merchant Interface.



Hi Friend,


As per your info i agreed that one.But now i would request to give any idea to avoid Mobile device registeration in our Payment gateway merchant account  for perform payment  transactions from Mobile device .


I can register my mobile device as per the sample code and got successfull registeration mesg also from gateway.

But i should wait for merchant permission to access the payment gateway by enabling mobile device from his merchant account .

This is the actual problem i am facing now.I dont want to wait for merchant permission to do my transaction easily from Mobile device.


Can you give any alternative solution for that problem which i am facing now?




As I mentioned before, it is not possible to circumvent the security feature of having to wait for approval in the merchant interface for a mobile device registration request.  This provides the merchant account owner control over the devices authorized to transact with their gateway account.



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