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ip address of the response from

Hi there:


We have a publically accessible machine but is restricted to inbound ip's. We are testing the integration using SIM with our application. Since we cannot find out the ip address of the inbound response from, we cannot test the payment response.


We cannot open the machine for all ips due to certain security restrictions.


So could give us the ip address we can add to our exclution list, that will be a great help, so that we can successfully complete the test and procceed with purchasing the merchant account.


Kindly give us a  quick response.







This has been asked before. Basically they won't give it out because it is subject to change.

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I had this problem too. I know this is an old thread, but it still seems to be an issue.


You can find out the ip address by checking your access.log to see which ip address comes from after a transaction. Then just add that to your .htaccess ip exceptions to allow in without a username/password.


For me on Ubuntu, the access log is located in /var/log/apache2/access.log.