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making refund buttons via api



have a question in regards to when doing a refund for a transaction via API


for example, i want to make a refund button on my website, so if i wanted to issue a customer a refund, i would go into the order record and the refund button would be there,


if click the refund button, the refund would be issued in full amount to the customer for that order? or would a pop up come out asking me to input the amount of the refund?


i want it in a way where it is a button that when you click it, it then automatically issues the refund in full to the customer without having a popup come up asking to input the amount, is this possible?


Hi Ampac,


Thanks for using APIs.

For a refund transaction, API require amount , original transaction id and payment method used in the original transaction like credit card or bank account details


In order to design a button to issue full refund on click, you will have to pass above mentioned fields in the API call.

If you have those details as part of order record you can pass them in  refund API call on button click or you can use to get details from original transaction and then make a refund call .

This will avoid extra pop up asking for amount.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.




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