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multiple Transaction Keys? API Login ID's?

Is it possible to have multiple Transaction Keys for an account? Or multiple API Login ID's?


We are rolling out a new version of our payment system using the Accept hosted method in an iFrame. Currently this is working in a new developer sandbox account, and we want to move to our existing company account. 


Our existing Authorize.Net SIM app works just fine and during the transition we'd prefer to just leave everything alone with those settings and use them as is until we are comfortable with the new solution.


But it seems that we are locked down to one Transaction key and one API login ID.


Also, in an effort to clear up some confustion, I was told, and have read, that the SIM solutions use a Signature Key instead of a Transaction key. But when we look at our account, no signature key seems to have ever been created (no mention). But we do see that a transaction key was created several years ago. How is this possible?


We do not support multiple api-login-id or transaction-key (aka api-credentials). These are analogous to username/password credentials you use for any other authentication (think email, Facebook, etc.) just for APIs.

However, I am assuming you are looking for multiple api-credentials only for sandbox as you will use only one account for production. If so, you can create multiple developer accounts on sandbox and each account would provide you unique api-credentials (i.e. api-login-d/transaction-key pair). Hope this addresses your requirements.

SignatureKey was introduced couple of years back. TransactionKey and SignatureKey need to be generated by the user from portal, since you would need to save these for your use in APIs. You can generate both of them, or only one of them as per your need.


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