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priorAuthCaptureTransaction returned transID

We use AUTH_ONLY which returns a TransId to us. Then we call priorAuthCaptureTransaction, referencing the TransId from the Auth_Only call. In this case, we are sending over an amount less than the authorized amount. (example, we authorize for $100, but only one item ready to ship so we charge $50). The transaction is successfull. But the priorAuthCaptureTransaction call returns to us a new TransId that looks like "00000P".


We dont have our internal invoice # created at the time the Auth_Only sent (need to verify customer can pay first). So when we make the actual charge using "priorAuthCaptureTransaction" we send over the invoiceNumber at that time.


Now when we call "getTransactionDetailsRequest", we get info returned using the original TransID we received from the Auth_Only call. But we are unable to get info using the TransID we received from the "priorAuthCaptureTransaction" call, and are thus unable to see the invoiceNumber for this transaction.


Why can we not see details using the TransId returned from the "priorAuthCaptureTransaction" call?