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SIM test mode, post back instant timeout starting 1/5 4:00pm eastern.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with SIM, production endpoint in test mode.


We have an Authorize.Net account which is still working in production.  We were integration testing a new software release on our test server and successfully making payments with the TEST_MODE flag.  It was working at 3:39pm.  Starting by 4:00pm yesterday (our next test after 3:39pm eastern) we were receiving the old "Your script timed out while we were trying to post transaction results to it."  It is popping up instantly (not nearly 10 seconds).  We've monitored the firewall and no traffic is coming in.


We've checked the usual suspects at:

Why Are My SIM Relay Response Transactions Timing out After Submitting the Request? (

But with validating the traffic isn't coming in, we can rule most of those out.


Exact same transaction started working this morning.  I see one similar forum post, which makes me hopeful it wasn't something we did that is intermittent.