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"Non-proxy" from AuthNet SDK is spamming our logs!

Could someone please tell me why this is spaming our logs from the AuthorizeNet Java SDK? This is very bothersome for our customers.


We use the AcceptHosted method and poll every 10 seconds for unsettled transactions.


[2020-05-07 10:44:47,089] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-7-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:44:57,368] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-8-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:07,693] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-9-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:17,953] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-10-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:28,223] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-11-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)


Also I tried to search "non-proxy" in the forums and it auto-corrected to "nonprofit". You might want to fix that.

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Well since no one is responding to us I dug through their own code. Cringiness of variables begining with capital letters aside, (Just...why. Java conventions people. It's CS 101) it appears you must use a proxy if you don't want this message to be spammed?


Why is that? And how do you setup a proxy?


I really shouldn't have to debug your own code to solve my problem. I have my own job to do. Come on, guys.


if (UseProxy && ProxyHost != null) {
    // Use proxy	
} else {
    LogHelper.warn(logger, "Defaulting to non-proxy environment");
    httpClient = HttpClients.custom().setSSLSocketFactory(sslSocketFactory)


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And it's been a week. Still no one helping us.

Two Weeks Later (spongebob announcer voice)

Alright, you guys are taking social distancing way too seriously. You're still allowed to talk to your customers through the computer. We aren't near each other.

Oh, you guys! Happy 4 week anniversary!


Sorry, I didn't get you anything. How about a pissed off customer? Aw crap, you already have that don't you? Eh, I can't really return it. But you might be able to exchange it for a happy one? I think there are some of those left.

Day 41: There doesn't seem to be an end it sight. The logs just keep coming and coming. Some of our devs have been driven mad. Others are starting to feel sorry for the AuthNet library:


"It doesn't know what it's doing. It was programmed that way. We shouldn't take it out on th - no, no. That's the Stockholm syndrome setting in. We'll get through this. We need to stand tough against this menace. We won't let it win. This is why I went to four years of college."

Yes, the SDK is spamming exactly like that. Just annoying and repetitve and giving me information i don't care about. Thanks buddy for the live demonstration.

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Sorry guys, took a little vacation. Just needed some time away from the office for some rest, relaxation, and purging those AuthNet logs from my dreams. In those past few weeks we have maxed out our hard drives with 4.3 million lines of "Defaulting to non-proxy environment" in our logs. We'd delete those lines from our logs but they are clearly important since they are there with no explanation and they have a WARN prefix. Not to worry we are problem solvers. We have rented out a small warehouse and bought an additional 520 TB of server space to take on the load for the next few months. We should be able to store up to 2.7 billion lines of this important log now. We'll be sending you our electric bill.

Someone opened an issue for this on their GitHub at:


Commenting there might get more attention, I'm not sure if the developers actually monitor these forums.