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"Non-proxy" from AuthNet SDK is spamming our logs!

Could someone please tell me why this is spaming our logs from the AuthorizeNet Java SDK? This is very bothersome for our customers.


We use the AcceptHosted method and poll every 10 seconds for unsettled transactions.


[2020-05-07 10:44:47,089] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-7-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:44:57,368] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-8-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:07,693] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-9-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:17,953] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-10-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)
[2020-05-07 10:45:28,223] [ WARN] Defaulting to non-proxy environment (pool-11-thread-1:net.authorize.util.HttpClient)


Also I tried to search "non-proxy" in the forums and it auto-corrected to "nonprofit". You might want to fix that.

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I have seen both "Administrators" and "Certified Developers" replying to threads around me for the past two months so clearly they are ignoring me - or they just want to see how far this creative story goes. But both are unacceptable. And ironically I have been spamming them about a spamming issue in their code while being slightly less annoying than actual spam. I'm looking at you above me RobuxFree. You need to up your game. I was so bored reading your comment. And how are bots getting by on these boards with this CAPTCHA at the bottom?


But thank you Alex for the link. Once again the customers help you more than the people who make the thing.

From what I understand, it's like the SDK is trying to communicate without going through a proxy server, which can generate those warning messages in your logs. I'm not an expert, but have you tried tinkering with the SDK settings to see if you can switch it away from that default? It might help cut down on the noise in your logs. Also, thanks for the heads up about the forum's auto-correct mishap.