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required billto in Create Sub request?

Why is billTo element required for a call to ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest? EG response:


"messages": {
"resultCode": "Error",
"message": [
"code": "E00014",
"text": "Bill-To First Name is required."
"code": "E00014",
"text": "Bill-To Last Name is required."



Request code:

"ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest": {
"merchantAuthentication": {
"name": "XXXXXX",
"transactionKey": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
"refId": "123456",
"subscription": {
"name": "Sample subscription",
"paymentSchedule": {
"interval": {
"length": "1",
"unit": "months"
"startDate": "2020-08-30",
"totalOccurrences": "12",
"trialOccurrences": "1"
"amount": "10.29",
"trialAmount": "0.00",
"payment": {
"creditCard": {
"cardNumber": "4111111111111111",
"expirationDate": "2020-12"
"customer": {
"email": "",
"billTo": {
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Smith"




Hi vinniyo


When an ARB subscription is created a CIM customer profile and payment profile is also created. Obviously, this is done in the background of the call and not visible to the user but the profile ID and payment profile ID are returned with the ARBCreateSubscriptionResponse. 


When a subscription, and the associated customer profile, is created any required form fields specified in the Payment Form settings of the Merchant Interface will be required to be included within the creation/update request as well, as transactions which process from this feature will require this field data to be successful, regardless of whether they will be used or not within the ARB subscription. 


To edit the Payment Form Field requirement settings: 

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Select Payment Form.
  4. Select Form Fields 
  5. Edit as needed to suit your business needs and Save your changes when done. 

While we would recommend that you include first name, last name and bill to address fields with ARB subscriptions, if you choose not to do so you can remove the field requirements from the Payment Form settings in the Merchant Interface and use your own methods of requiring this data on your form(s). 


I hope this information is helpful. 


Thank you,


Moderator Moderator