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response 25 to avr R after settings change



i was receiving an avs response of R, and in my account settings that was set to reject. i unchecked reject and saved my settings and then went through my checkout process again but received the same general avs unavailable message of R


the time inbetween these tests was five minutes, i waited twenty more and retried with the same results. in test mode and against sandbox the same transaction succeeds.


any thoughts on where i should look would be appreciated as i'm feeling pretty lost. how long do changes to settings generally take to propagate into the gateway system?


thank you


So did the transaction get decline? Are you running in test? what is response 25?


The transaction was not approved or declined, errored


response code 25 is AVS offline, try later


it seems that if AVS is offline and returns an R, and I have my account set to not reject AVS code of R, that the transaction should have been approved.


I am not running in test mode, but when I do run in test mode the transaction succeeds



here are some of the response headers: (i have cut some of the private data out of this)


[approved] => 
    [declined] => 
    [error] => 1
    [held] => 
    [response_code] => 3
    [response_subcode] => 3
    [response_reason_code] => 25
    [response_reason_text] => An error occurred during processing.  Please try again.
    [authorization_code] => 
    [avs_response] => R
   [amount] => 1.00
    [method] => CC
    [transaction_type] => auth_capture
    [customer_id] => 
    [card_type] => Visa
    [split_tender_id] => 
    [requested_amount] => 
    [balance_on_card] => 
    [response] => |3|,|3|,|25|,|An error occurred during processing.  Please try again.|,||,|R|,|4751292511|,||,||,|1.00|,|CC|,|auth_capture|,||,|...........
    [error_message] => AuthorizeNet Error:
                Response Code: 3
                Response Subcode: 3
                Response Reason Code: 25
                Response Reason Text: An error occurred during processing.  Please try again.

That is something else, not because the AVS response 'R'. You would get a declined if the 'R' checkbox is check.


If this is a real production account, contact/call Could be a account setting issue.

alright, thanks, i'll try that out today


if anyone has other ideas too please let me know, and i'll report back if it was auth messing up

so after speaking with auth, they say it is our MSP. looking into it now...

it was the MSP


thanks for your input