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retrieving eCheck testing/sandbox transaction details?

Looking for help retrieving transaction details when submitting eCheck transaction in test/sandbox mode.

I'm getting a successful response (approved) when submitting the transaction through the AuthorizeNetAIM PHP SDK but I always get a transaction_id of 0, and none of the transactions show up in the Merchant Account interface.  I'm not sure if they should show up but I would have expected them to be in the "unsettled" list.


But without a transaction_id I'm not sure how I can use the AuthorizeNetTD SDK to retreive transaction details to determine the status of a pending eCheck transaction.

Appreciate any help!  Below is a snippet of code showing how I'm creating the transaction... please let me know if I'm doing it wrong? Thanks! kwas


        $auth = new \AuthorizeNetAIM;
        // Use eCheck:
            $this->trn_param['name_first'].' '.$this->trn_param['name_last'],
        $auth->amount = "10.00";
        $auth->delim_data = true;
        $auth->delim_char = self::$delim;
        $auth->encap_char = self::$encap_char;
        $auth->setField('invoice_num', "invoice_".$this->trn_param['invoice_number']);
        $response = $auth->captureOnly();
        if ($response->approved) {
            $auth_code = $response->transaction_id;






I think I can answer my own post here.... I turned off Test Mode and now I receive a valid transaction_id and see the entries in the Merchant Account UI.