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retrieving multiple customer profiles, is it possible?

I'd like to be able to do a dump of all my customer profiles (and their respective shipping and payment profiles) programatically, is this possible?  I already know it is not possible to query using getCustomerProfileRequest with multiple customerProfileIds.  Is there anything else that can do this?


GetCustomerProfileIds, then use the ids for getCustomerProfileRequest


That call retrieves all customer profiles and their respective profile IDs but does not return the profiles themselves.  I'm looking for a dump of all the customer AND their profiles, complete with address, city, zip, etc.


And yes, I know that I could then do multiple calls to getCustomerProfileRequest (which is what I'm doing now), BUT I have over 900 customers. Doing that many individual calls takes a considerable amount of time usually causing Gateway Timeouts.  While the default answer to that is to "Increase your Gateway Timeout" I'd rather not do that for something like this.