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turn after payment into Premium User using php Please Help

I need to make simple payment steps after user register he press on subscripe and pay button then it should be directed to to fill the visa card payment data then give response to relay response page to process the transaction and directed to my web site gain with receipt page saying thanks for registering

1- which API should i use

2- where should i define the relay response page (in merchant account or in form hidden feild or both???)
3- what is the diffrent between relay and recept response

4- how can i pass the customer ID who registered using the transaction form (to use this ID then in the relay response page to mark this user in my database as paied)



anyyyy helpppppp pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:catsad:


Use SIM or DPM, there is the documentation


2)either set a default on the merchant account or set it with the SIM post (x_relay_response and x_relay_url)

3)relay use a web page that you create, recept is just what is on

read more for 2, 3


4)just send it with the SIM post as merchant defined fields