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transHashSHA2 is not in your API documentation

Your Transaction Hash Upgrade Guide says "When you receive a transaction response from Authorize.Net, it includes the transHashSHA2 element," but I'm not finding that element anywhere in your API reference document at


In light of the fact that you are forcing people to implement this feature by the end of the month, is there a good reason why the "transHashSHA2" element is not even mentioned in your API reference document?  How are people supposed to implement a change to your API that is not properly documented?   The Transaction Hash Upgrade Guide is not sufficient.


Hi @karenb


Thanks for your post . We are in process of updating the API reference for this  new field . 


You can find the xsd for the details on this field


<xs:element name="transHashSha2" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0"/>






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Hi Anurag ,


What about the wordpress users there are no reference code or any suggestions mentioned on transaction hash upgrade guide.


Kindly suggest me for the wordpress platform how can I migrate from md5 to SHA-512 based transhashsha2.




Hi @Anurag ,


when can I expect reply on the same didn't get any suggestions yet .

You are in the process of updating the API AFTER you release this email about removing a feature and requiring a code change. That should have been done before!

Hi @lightwave365 ,


I didn't get you I am looking for the suggestions from your end that what about the wordpress users

how can we migrate the MD5 HASH to SHA-256 based transHashSHA2 I'm using the Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin for the API Integration .


I was talking about the idiot developers at AuthorizeNet who had zero preparation for this that lead to all of us scrambling on these forums, not you.