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want to have a form on my website (on my url) that authorizes a credit card

want to have a form on my website (on my url) that authorizes a credit card


if taken to

I want to hide this from a customer.


I only want customer to stay on my website



Then you need to use either the AIM or DPM APIs.

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AIM stays entirely on your web site and lets you charge the credit card with an internal call. DPM has the credit card form on your web site, but submits to, hopefully fast enough so nobody notices. AIM does have more PCI security requirements if you care about that sort of thing, since the credit card data passes through your site on its way to

Just use a web form generator that integrates with Authorize.Net. A good and secure one is 123ContactForm, I have used it on several of my projects.


How to check whether  transaction is successfully posted to or it fails. I am trying in AIM web form. Please help!!!:manvery-happy:

Look at the C# AIM sample code

How to get response code to user page in SIM ?:smileyhappy:

Use relay response.

An article Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting would get you started.

For add enableviewstatemac='false' to the page property to both the post to and the relay response page.