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x_duplicate_window not applying?

Im trying to add the x_duplicate_window option to a simple php payment page that has been working great for months.  The setting seems to be ignored by as i can resubmit the same payment over and over again. Ive tested this in both live and test mode. We are using code pretty much out of the php sample book.  here is the snippet of my settings

dont worry about $x_login, x_tran_key, x_test_request those are all defined outside of this and work correctly (allows us to put it in and out of test mode with one case statement)



we dont get any errors, all payments go through well within the 3 minute window.   Im wondering if this is a setting within or the merchant setup? I havent been able to find much documentation on this.



    // the API Login ID and Transaction Key must be replaced with valid values
    "x_login"            => $x_login,
    "x_tran_key"        => $x_tran_key,
    "x_test_request"    => $x_test_request,
    "x_duplicate_window"    => "180",
    "x_version"            => "3.1",
    "x_delim_data"        => "TRUE",
    "x_delim_char"        => "|",
    "x_relay_response"    => "FALSE",
    "x_type"            => "AUTH_CAPTURE",



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It all the infomation the same? e.g. invoice#, amount, etc?

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It all the infomation the same? e.g. invoice#, amount, etc?


invoice number changes as its based on a timestamp. I guess that is causing it?  Im simply hitting refresh on my results page. 

sure enough after re-reading the x_duplicate_window docs the only item i have that changes is the invoice number.  thanks for the second set of eyes.


"The AIM API allows you to specify the window of time after a transaction is submitted during which the payment gateway checks for a duplicate transaction (based on credit card number, invoice number, amount, billing address information, transaction type, etc.)"