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x_trans_id, x_MD5_Hash problem .............heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

Anyone please save me !!!


I am new to authorize integration and cannot seem to get the x_trans_id, x_MD5_Hash fields to filter thru to my relay_response ! I am fufging it my setting $_POST before the call to new AuthorizeNetSIM but clearly this is wrong. I am using the test server and of course a test merchant ID.....please help !!!!


Paul S


ok I am replying to myself....I set  $this->md5_setting = $this->login_id and it improved ....


I still get 'Sorry, an error occurred: This transaction cannot be accepted.' without any explanation though

actually i get

Sorry, an error occurred: (TESTMODE) This transaction cannot be accepted.

What is the response reason code that you are receiving with the transaction response?  "This transaction cannot be accepted" is a somewhat general error message, but the response reason code will tell you the exact error.  You can look up any response reason code using the response reason code troubleshooting tool.