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Latest Developer Center Release

Hello everybody,


This week we released a few updates to our site and SDKs. For you convenience, here’s a list of what was updated:

  • For CIM in the Java SDK, ExtraOptions no longer causes a NullPointerException and PriorAuthCapture no longer incorrectly sets the Order element.  
  • We’ve added the required version information for our SDKs on the download page
  • The C# instructions for DPM now support both MVC 1 and MVC 2 (instead of MVC 2 only)
  • The PHP sample code in the HTML version of the DPM guide has been corrected
  • You can review our new Affiliate Reseller Program Case study on the What's new page

We are planning a separate release that will include bug fixes for the reported C# SDK issues. That release is still to be determined, but once it’s live, we’ll announce it here in the News and Announcements section.


Developer Community Manager

All Star