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Testing Criteria Guide Question

Hey, I have a few questions about this Testing Criteria Guide. If this isn't the right place to ask about this, let me know.


A short background on our situation. We will be using mainly for internal use, with employees paying their business expenses. They have already recieved the goods/services, charged it to their account, and are now paying what they owe via our web interface.


On Page 4, it lists some test cases that are for E-Commerce Certification. My question is; if only the first test case (AUTH_CAPTURE) applies to us, so do we need to fulfill the rest of the requirements (even though we will not be using those methods)? We will not be using AUTH_ONLY, PROIR_AUTH_CAPTURE, or WEB AUTH_CAPTURE because it was explicitly stated in our application requirements that we wanted to only use AUTH_CAPTURE.


Thanks for the help, if any!


Hello Javadocs,


Will this integration eventually become a commercially available solution that you will sell to others, or only an internal solution?  We typically certify only commercially available products.



Administrator Administrator