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This is the place for miscellaneous musings and other such conversations. For instance, what’s on your mind other than Authorize.Net stuff? Music? Movies? Solutions for paying down the national debt? Come discuss whatever, with whomever.

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Looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website

I am looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website that is mobile friendly.I could find only RumbleTalk and chatwind but both have no 3rd party users integration, any suggestions?

Either a GPS or an ipad. Which is BETTER to start Geocaching?

I am starting geocaching as a personal hobby. I am debating whether to buy a GPS or an ipad to use during my cache-hunts.I browse local sporting goods, department, and electronics outlets in search of THE ULTIMATE EQUIPMENT.Which one (GPS or ipad) of...

How to stop ESET NOD32 Antivirus from deleting a file?

I have a file on my computer that changes my registry that isn't a registry key, however I know what it does and I know it's not a virus but ESET NOD32 Antivirus keeps detecting and deleting it, how would I stop ESET from deleting that 1 file?

avg antivirus was not updating

I uninstalled avg antivirus because it was not updating and now I get an error when trying to reinstall? It says avg setup self extractro based on 7-zip has stopped working. I have windows vista. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix the issue. T...

Need Help

emergency! i am willing to pay for help..ASAP! I a not a web developer at all, but I manage a site that uses a template. I need to create a form (subscription) and I do not know how to create the template. I need people to go to a website, click a bu...


When developing Cloud Apps ---What are the best APIs to leverage?

It seems like everyone, especially every cloud company, is pushing to release an API for their apps or leveraging Google's APIs. And everyone I talk to in Silicon Valley is trying to locate the best APIs to expand features in their own app, instead o...

Authorize.Net Programmer

I'm looking for a programming contractor to implement shopping cart. Any recommendations out there? Thank you!

Hiya everyone

Hey there all. I’m from St Albans in Great Britan. looks like an incredible website and I’m looking towards chatting to a couple of the users on here. Have a fantastic day.

Newcomer on the block

I merely wished to introduce myself personally here within this community. I have been looking around for several months now and I think it is very useful. Carry on with the good work guys.

Looking for Authorize.Net beta testers for a new tool

We’re looking for beta testers to give us some feedback on our new product while it’s in the beta stage. It’s a new sales reporting tool from Atandra that allows you to analyze your sales and refunds via interactive graphical interface. Your feedback...

Trusted Contributor

Compliance Standards and AIM

I really wish there was a greater discussion on compliance. Our POS uses AIM, and I can show any person that we do nothing more than hand off credit card number to No storage, no manipulation. Easily testable, easily viewable to anyone...


Hi everyone

Gee. I'm thirsty. I wish there was a watercooler around here somewhere. Lucky me. There's one now (smile). I've been reading through some of the posts and I've seen multiple areas of talent here. There's a lot of gifted individuals in this group and ...


New authnet developer, just saying hi!

I noticed the forums here aren't exactly bustling with activity. I just signed up for the developer program and wanted to say hi and see if anyone has any newcomer tips. I'm reading through all the documentation now and everything looks good. Cheers!...


Where can I find record keeping requirements?

I consider myself lucky to have worked here for five years but have only encountered one chargeback, which I won. I am sure it will happen again one day and I want to be sure I am retaining the right kind of records so that I will win again. If we st...

Hasan Robinson from Sound Commerce helped me sooo much! Solved

Hey Guys, I found Hasan Robinson from Sound Commerce, LLC when I was in a real pinch! After passing a payment gateway integration debug to many other developers that failed, Hasan suceeded in properly integrating my donation form. The form was made u...


Contractor needed asap for simple project

Hi,We're looking for help very quickly to implement the passing of the order details into from our proprietary cart. We use the Pear Payment Process package to process the requests

Need ebook Security Software suggestion

It would be great to get any experience for folks on which ebook security program folks prefer. We are trying to ensure the ebooks we sell are well protected without vreating undue hassle for customers.Thanks to all in advance

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! I'm going to celebrate by spending a week or so in Ireland and Scottland. That means I obvously won't be around here for a while. But if it makes you feel any better it's going to be cold there! :)

Contributor broken links

Might want to consider some 301 redirects for old Knowledge Base links and Merchant Questions forms... Seems like these URLs have recently been revised as such some of us use them for reference for our customers. I just noticed the links were not rig...


Billing Credit Card Terminal

Hi, I hope it is ok to post about our own creations, projects and efforts. I hope to get some feedback and open dialog with others. It has been a little over a month now that my initial iphone app has been released. Apple has showcased it on both itu...

Hmmm Interesting...

Ever since the fire at ANET shut down its service a few months back, we are receiving alot less transaction errors. We would normally get 4-5 email errors a week where the transaction would be received by ANET but we would never get the response rela...


Are Merchants, Developers, and Resellers still buying this? There are so many options with better support, more extensive API's, options, and better rates. People, and search for better rates, better service, and more options. Was ARB & CI...

Dispatch (the band)

Officially my favorite band ever. You guys should all check out a few songs: Bang BangThe GeneralFlying HorsesEliasBridgesTime Servedetc etc etc Just incredible (IMO of course ;) KneeSkrap3r (Phil Gapp)Monster Studios

Website Cruiser

This is our latest project to reach Beta release at We are offering this template CMS website creation service free of charge while it is in beta, and need lots more feedback!!! Once we complete all features and do all tweakin...


Hello, everyone! It's great to see a community forum for Looking forward to contibuting. I'm a Wisconsin-based developer specializing in .Net, MSSQL//MySQL/Access, SEO/SEM and custom eCommerce systems. John