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In August 2009, we launched the Authorize.Net Developer Community with a few simple goals in mind. First, we wanted to provide our developers with a location where you could easily find information—and, in turn, provide information. Second, we wanted to grow a community of talented developers who shared a passion for good code, innovative solutions, and who wouldn’t hesitate to provide Authorize.Net with useful and direct feedback. Finally, we wanted a way to share with you information that we felt to be important, from overviews of our partner programs to announcements of exciting new initiatives.


By any measure, the past three years have been an unequivocal success. While there are many people we can thank for this success, no one stands out as much as Michelle. From day one, Michelle has been a force of nature as the manager of the Authorize.Net Developer Community. Anyone who has spent any time on the site will recognize Michelle’s unique mix of useful information, banter and, of course, humor. Michelle has posted over 1,000 messages, received 25 kudos and facilitated the answers to countless other posts. I don’t know about the accuracy of this, but according to the community software, she has spent 298,262 minutes on the community. For those without a calculator handy, that’s 4,971 hours or 207 days. Yowza!


I’m paying this tribute to Michelle because as you may have figured out by now, the purpose of this blog is to announce that Michelle is taking on some new and exciting responsibilities for Authorize.Net and  leaving her role as the Authorize.Net Developer Community manager. I know you join me in thanking Michelle for all her hard work over the past three years. If you’d like to thank her yourself, please feel free to add a comment to this blog post.


Taking over the reins as the community manager is Richard, who has been with Authorize.Net since last November. Richard’s primary responsibility at Authorize.Net is around developer engagement, so managing the community aligns perfectly with his goals. Prior to joining Authorize.Net, Richard spent many years at Novell where he managed numerous partner programs aimed at developers and other third-party individuals and organizations. I am certain that you’ll find Richard to be highly responsive and accessible. I’ve encouraged him to bring his own perspective and ideas to the community and look forward to seeing those rolled out in time.


I hope you’ll join me in thanking Michelle and welcoming Richard. Thank you for being a member of the Authorize.Net Developer Community.



Authorize.Net Marketing Director

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