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3-DES Disablement in Sandbox Planned for July 30, 2016

To maintain the highest levels of security for all server-to-server communications with the Authorize.Net platform, we will be ending support for 3-DES cipher suites in the sandbox on July 30, 2016.

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Introducing Authorize.Net Accept.js

Authorize.Net Accept.js provides developers with control over the user experience while reducing PCI DSS scope.

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Introducing Authorize.Net Accept

Tools designed to reduce PCI scope while helping developers with control over the user experience and transactions.

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Akamai SureRoute Technical FAQ

Authorize.Net has a Technical FAQ, aimed at developers and server administrators, which provides more details on the Akamai SureRoute rollout.

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Request for Comments: API Best Practices

As payment industry standards evolve, Authorize.Net has seen a need to advise developers on best practices for API usage. Please review and comment on this draft of our current API Best Practices.

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Accept PayPal through Authorize.Net

Merchants can now accept PayPal on their sites using PayPal Express Checkout through their payment gateway accounts.

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Important Hosted Payment Form Notification

We are updating our systems to increase the security of the Authorize.Net hosted payment form, receipt page and email receipts. As part of this change, support for HTML, JavaScript and CSS in these pa...

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