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Do we have TMS API error code specification?

Hi, All:

I am new to TMS API and looking for the comprehensive error code specification. Can you help me on that?


What I can find is, for example, "Creating an Instrument Identifier" 

It has type of error listed per HTTP status

  • 400: invalidHeaders, missingHeaders, invalidFields, missingFields, unsupportedPaymentMethodModification, invalidCombination
  • 403: forbidden
  • 500: internalError
  • ...

I also check rest-client and find document like:

"The type of error. Possible Values: - invalidHeaders - missingHeaders - invalidFields - missingFields - unsupportedPaymentMethodModification - invalidCombination"


Do we have more comprehensive error code document? or, at least, a combination of TMS APIs instead of listing error type per each API.


<p>Yes, we have the TMS API error code specification.</p>

Would you mind share the link? Thanks.

It depends on the specific TMS (Transportation Management System) you're referring to. Many TMS providers offer documentation that includes API error code specifications as part of their developer resources.

If you're working with a particular TMS, I'd recommend checking their official documentation, developer portal, or contacting their support team for information on API error codes and specifications.

If you can provide more details about the specific TMS you're using, I may be able to offer more targeted assistance.


Hi @jared ,

Thank you for reaching out.  We have multiple error code mappings available within the developer centre, however I am hopeful that the below two may provide you the information you need: - This is a merged spec for the TMS API's providing a specific response section and underlying mappings - This is our generic error/reason code mappings which can also be downloaded.  This is especially useful if you're calling the TMS service as part of an authorisation.

If you have any further queries or need clarification please feel free to reach back.


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