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Fetching Order/transactions details for failed transactions

Hi Cybersource team,

Is there an API to fetch all the details for a failed transaction.

We noticed in our sbox testing that for failed transactions, the transaction details API doesnt contain Amount, Currency and payment method details and its a pretty gaping hole for us in terms of reconciling transaction and transaction counts with our system.

I noticed that Cybersource does utilize this information to build their analytics page even if these details are empty in the transactions page.


Any help will be much much appreciated.


Hi @Ashwin

Thank you for reaching out.  We do have an additional Transaction Search API that can be used not only to search for failed transactions where you have a response but for transactions where you've not yet received a RequestID.  The details on the API are available here -

The API will allow you to search between specific times and also providing your own Merchant Reference Number (clientReferenceInformation.code) to validate that transactions were received and their current state

Please let us know if you have any more queries.


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