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Cybersource Payment Gateway set multiple redirect url

I am having issues with cybersource payment. I am using omnipay for cybersource. The issue is that my site has multiple locations where payments are collected like while adding credit in the account there is a separate url, while registration page is...

Cybersource Instrument Identifier vs Payment Instrument tokens

I'm currently looking into Cybersource's REST API for the tokenization of cards.Reference:, I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the following and co...

Error while using SOAP API of cybersource

I am trying to use SOAP based Cybersource payment gateway service. Currently I am trying to use Test environment that Cybersource provides for testing sample test credit card transactions.Created a project in SOAP UI using the WSDL : https://ics2wste...

how do you use a credit card flexible token with payments API?

Trying to get my head around how CyberSource works..In CyberSource, the Secure Acceptance Flexible Token API can be used to tokenize a credit card on client-side for processing for future processing.That part is easy enough. There's plenty of documen...

How to log in to business center Solved

Hi,After trying several times and never getting a confirmation email, I have now managed to set up a sandbox test account for the business center. However, the email I received as confirmation lists my Account Id and Merchant Id but does not tell me ...


Error message for Payment to Qatar 2022 Accommodations

I keep getting “Sorry an error has occurred “ then “Decision is Reject” when trying to pay for accommodations in Qatar for World Cup. Room shows available, all pertinent information is filled out, payment is processed and authorized by my bank, but i...


What is the CyberSource Purpose???

Hello, Cybersource offers a complete portfolio of services that simplify and automate payment operations, including payment processing.

What are the possible Void Payment response statuses?

The api documentation for voiding a Payment has the possible status values as 'VOIDED':statusType stringThe status of the submitted transaction.Possible values:VOIDEDWhen I use the Request: Live Console to test voiding a Payment I receive 'REVERSED' ...

"The certificate has expired" from PayPal sandbox

I'm in the process of integrating PayPal payments through Cybersource API. When I click on the button returned from the latter I got redirected to PayPal sandbox website and I'm shown the following error.The certificate has expired. Please use a vali...

HTTP Signature Authentication through Postman

I'm trying to test the 'Post a Payment' API through the Http Signature Authentication as shown on the below link, using the same headers as generated on the below link using Postman.


Python is best in 2022 for coding ?  

Secure product pages

Petseatable is a blog where team has created some products to sale but i have question how to make it more secure and trust worthy for our customers base.

Tactical Breaching Tools in USA: Breaking Barriers

The biggest challenge in defeating evil or accomplishing a life-saving mission in an EOD operation are the solid barriers like doors, windows, or any other hindrance in the mission path. The military, police, and emergency services use breaching tool...

CyberSource Simple Order API Capture PayPal transaction

I'm attempting to capture a PayPal transaction that has been authorized using the PayPal button. I'm trying to use CyberSource Simple Order API to do this. I have the only 3 pieces of information that seem to come back from the PayPal button are: pay...

How to Block Duplicate Transactions on CyberSource REST API

he CyberSource payments system seems to have a method of preventing duplicate transactions, as covered here:This functionality looks at the Merchant Reference Number (MRN) of successful orders submitted within the last 15 minutes of a previous order,...

Web hooks for Create Customer Payment Profile

Webhooks is not working with Using the Accept Customer Hosted Form( )It is only working with API gets called. (net.authorize.customer.paymentProfile.created)Can anyone let me know how to us...


Tips for SEO in 2022

Every year presents fresh chances to reassess and improve our SEO strategies to make them more focused and effective for our businesses and clients. Since 53% of all website traffic is thought to come from organic search, firms that want to increase ...

How to Block Duplicate Transactions on CyberSource REST API

The CyberSource payments system seems to have a method of preventing duplicate transactions, as covered here:This functionality looks at the Merchant Reference Number (MRN) of successful orders submitted within the last 15 minutes of a previous order...

What is rest api?

When I work in connecting security api with my firebase, there comes error which says please set your rest api first.I am facing this problem since may help me in getting out of it.

Can I add two security layers?

Can you process with me for adding two security layers authentication system here.That would be really cool if some one can help me out.

How to settle career in security?

I am pursuing a new field which is regarding as security expert I need to polish my skill.Is it right to get clients without experience initially.

Problem when creating sandbox account Solved

Hello, I used to be able to create a sandbox account pretty easily using this link. now, every time I wanted to create an account all I get was this.Registration Failed. Please try again.

CyberSource REST API Recurring Payments or Installment Payments

CyberSource has the capability of doing Recurring Payments or Installment Payments, and there is detailed documentation on how to do this with the Simple Order API.However, the REST API docs do not have an example of Recurring/Installment payments.Th...