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Can I add two security layers?

Can you process with me for adding two security layers authentication system here.That would be really cool if some one can help me out.

How to settle career in security?

I am pursuing a new field which is regarding as security expert I need to polish my skill.Is it right to get clients without experience initially.

Problem when creating sandbox account Solved

Hello, I used to be able to create a sandbox account pretty easily using this link. now, every time I wanted to create an account all I get was this.Registration Failed. Please try again.

CyberSource REST API Recurring Payments or Installment Payments

CyberSource has the capability of doing Recurring Payments or Installment Payments, and there is detailed documentation on how to do this with the Simple Order API.However, the REST API docs do not have an example of Recurring/Installment payments.Th...

Implementing 3D Secure using CyberSource REST API

I'm adding a support of CyberSource to our system and just got new requirement about 3D Secure support.I've already implemented some flows using CyberSource REST API:PaymentsCard tokenisation via Flexible tokenI'm a little bit confused, because I can...

CVV Response code

For some reason using Amex card and entering wrong expiry month Payment is still accepted and processed. how can we solve it..


Retail Credit Cashback

I've added a cashback amount to a retail credit sale. However, there's nothing in the response that indicates anything about the cashback amount. The transaction was approved with responseCode 100 and the full amount approved. Does this make sense? I...

REST API for Payment Account Validation and eKYC

I am aware that Visa, Cybersource, MasterCard, Stripe and other providers provide validating the Firstname, Lastname, address, Card number and CVV2.But the problem is with pricing. I did not find any provider that gives pricing for this API alone. I ...

How to "settle" AVS transactions via the SOAP API

I integrated our site with Cybersource using the SOAP API. Everything works perfectly but I am trying to see if I am able to settle an AVS transaction via the API. In the Cybersource Business Center you are able to view an AVS transaction. There is t...

Tokenization API

Hi,when I create a payment instrument token with How long the token will be valid? Can I use same payment instrument token for similar transactions after few days?thanksVijay

authentication issue

I am integrating cybersource payment gateway. I have used omnipay cybersource package for the same, Now I want to enable 3d security aka payer authentication but not able to figure out how and from where can I get any code reference and endpoints for...

buy vcc

How can I buy VCC?

SSL problem

hi, I hope you are fine. I am facing SSL problem on my website. it is very disturbing for me. i don't have Api. if anyone know about this please answer me. you can check my website

Cybersource iFrame in Cordova iOS App

Hello,I'm trying to implement the Cybersource iFrame in our Cordova iOS application, however the WKwebview that hosts the application does not allow the http or https scheme, and I cannot use another scheme to access the iFrame with localhost. Is the...

CyberSource SOAP Toolkit API Token Payment?

I would like to test a payment with already created token from the previous transaction, but can't really find a way to do that using SOAP Toolkit API.I found this in their documentation: Requesting an On-Demand Transaction An on-demand transaction i...

Hosted Form - Convenience Fees

We are using the hosted forms for payments and want to charge a convenience fee based on what type of payment was made (cc vs echeck). Since we do not know what type of payment the payee is going to choose I do not see how I can determine the total a...

Void transaction attempt for cybersource gives error

Im using cybersource SOAP toolkit API to perform transaction. Transaction capture works fine, but whenever I attempt to void a transaction Im getting response code 246 :"you requested a void for a type of transaction that cannot be voided" . Why is t...

Where to find Transaction Details in

I want to check my transaction details in, but not able to find them.I had run this API: serval times but no details were fo...

CyberSource keys folder issue in Azure, Asp.Net Mvc Web Api

I am implementing registration process that implements cybersource as payment gateway with ASP MVC web API.In web.config we have to specify the keys and logs directory. This works fine when we deploy the API on IIS and work locally. But when we depl...

Can the CyberSource TMS API be used with a Flex API Token?

The CyberSource Token Management Service allows you to create "instruments" which are tokenized cards that can be stored with a user's account and used for later purchases/transactions with your service.I would like to use the Flex API to perform an ...

Error - General system failure

Hello,I received the following error after I called the Payment API:The following property is either invalid or missing: merchant_category_code, usd_outlet_id, usd_terminal_idHowever, I couldn't find these properties in the request options.Its reason...

Endpoint URL

In case of Hosted checkout:How cybersource share the endpoint URL with merchant ?


Recurring Billing Notification

Regarding to Secure Checkout API recurring billing after successful, by adding parameter (override_ back office_ post_ URL ), I received success notification request from Cyber-source to my server but only for payment on demand and 1 time payment. ho...