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How to Block Duplicate Transactions on CyberSource REST API

he CyberSource payments system seems to have a method of preventing duplicate transactions, as covered here:

This functionality looks at the Merchant Reference Number (MRN) of successful orders submitted within the last 15 minutes of a previous order, and blocks any duplicate transactions submitted with the same MRN.

and here:

Reason Code 104: The access_key and transaction_uuid fields for this authorization request match the access_key and transaction_uuid fields of another authorization request that you sent within the past 15 minutes.

Although omeglz API it's obvious you need to use transaction_uuid for earlier APIs such as KVP, it's not clear which field to use for the REST API.


Good Morning Developer

The field I believe that you are looking for in the JSON based Rest API server is 


this is grouped with the Auth server as well as when you put a capture with the Auth service

API Field Reference | REST API (

we have found this a bit helpful as well but it is far from complete to be honest