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Issues with the hosted page for billing address


We have recently implemented the Cybersource payment gateway with the hosted page to enter the billing address and the credit card details. Our installation is in Australia and we have been told the address details will not be used for any validation or auditing purposes. However as the API specification mentions that the name, address line 1 etc are required, we have exposed the billing address for the payer to enter. 

However after going live we came across many issues due to the unsupported data formats and length issues. The free text fields allow unlimited lengths on the data entry page however at the receiving end the length is limited (eg the state has 25 limitation at the receiving end) and hence rejecting the transaction. Due to this issue we would like to hide the billing address information and only expose the credit card details. The API can identify the payment by using merchant reference number. Technically this works however we didn't get the confirmation yet if this is supported. If the address fields are required we could hide the data entry fields and hard code our institution address as a workaround as well given that we have been told that in Australia address is not used for any verification. 

May I know if this is accepted and anyone is using the hosted page only to collect credit card details and not pass name or address details.