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Processing a Google Pay payment - error - CONSUMER_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED

Hi all, 

I'm integrating Google Pay into a single page application following the documentation linked here:

What I have done so far:

  • Implemented the Google Pay button on the client application following this documentation:
  • I've joined Googles group for test cards to use in Google Pay
  • I'm receiving the response containing the tokenized data
  • Sending the response to my API
  • Encoded the tokenizedData.token and populated a request body to send to this endpoint:
  • Successfully generating HTTP Signatures for my request, using merchant details from the cybersource enterprise business centre (Was previously receiving 401 status code initially, but now receiving 201)

The trouble I am having is when I call the Process a Payment endpoint found in the documentation here: , I am receiving the following response body:


      "message":"The cardholder is enrolled in Payer Authentication. Please authenticate the cardholder before continuing with the transaction."
         "name":"Kount Profile",
         "selectorRule":"Default Active Profile"


 Can anyone advise me what I need to do with this response? I'm not sure what it is asking me to do, and I do not find anything related to this in the documentation. I know that there are the Payer Authentication endpoints, found here: , but I'm not sure if I need them, which I need if I do.

Any help would be great thank you. 



Hi @lollerenshaw ,

The response message in general terms is identifying that the customer is enrolled in 3D-Secure aka Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and needs to be authenticated.  This can be done using our Payer Authentication service.  

However, in the specific example you've provided it would appear your account is configured for pre-authorisation checks to ensure that all card payments are processed through SCA before proceeding to payment so this can likely be resolved by amending your fraud rules or speaking to whomever holds your merchant account to ask them about this specific requirement and why it may be necessary in your locale


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