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Retrieve Capture Token from PayPal Transaction Details

I'm trying to retrieve the capture request token from past PayPal transactions as I need that for refunding customers. We don't have that info anywhere on our systems anymore because, just don't even ask. It looks kind of like this: AxjrrwSTQDiO3h+N6P5RABJPE8jCJjo7f4OxZX/x/FO5LcGBSKHWXfwtSx+j1ncoSt3SABJtkGk=

Is it possible to get that?

I looked at PayPal's Transaction Search API here and nothing in the response says that field exists: /omeglz

I have also checked the built-in reports on PayPal but they don't give us that either.

Furthermore, I have tried the REST API with CyberSource and that doesn't provide the Token either: /echat

I have the PayPal Generated Transaction ID, the dates, our reference numbers, etc. All I need is that Capture Request Token. I will then be able to refund customers using CyberSource.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.