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I'm trying to retrieve the capture request token from past PayPal transactions as I need that for refunding customers. We don't have that info anywhere on our systems anymore because, just don't even ask. It looks kind of like this: AxjrrwSTQDiO3h+N6...
What is the best approach to implementing authorisation/authentication for a Windows Forms app talking to an IIS-hosted RESTful WCF Service?The reason I ask is I am very confused, after sifting through different articles and posts expressing a differ...
Does the wordpress e-commerce plugin has the payment gateway?There are several plugins available that support, however, they don't all support the same interfaces. provides the following APIsSIM = Simple Inte...
I'm attempting to capture a PayPal transaction that has been authorized using the PayPal button. I'm trying to use CyberSource Simple Order API to do this. I have the only 3 pieces of information that seem to come back from the PayPal button are: pay...
Im using cybersource SOAP toolkit API to perform transaction. Transaction capture works fine, but whenever I attempt to void a transaction Im getting response code 246 :"you requested a void for a type of transaction that cannot be voided" . Why is t...
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